Review Product
Posted on: 2013-10-16

FC1861, FC1862, FC1863

Fire alarm controller


• Multi–language operation menu designed Windows-like for fast and easy operation
• Large history storage size for up to 3000 records
• 2 programmable input & output
• 1 NAC (notification appliance circuit) output
• Integrated 8-channel Interlocking control
• Integrated mini-printer, LED indicators
• Up to 16 controller can be connected in one network (1000m)
• Twisted paired cable for polarity-free detection bus (FD18-Bus)
• FD18-Bus distance up to 2500m in Loop wiring; up to 1500m in stub wiring
• Can connect up to 504 points for FC1861; and up to 1512 points for FC1863
• Automatic read-in (automap) of all FD18-Bus devices, providing fast programming
• “Sticker method” for ease of on-site commisioning
• Floor repeater display and mimic driver connected via FR18-Bus
• Flexible programming directly from controller or computer
• Stored config-data and event-history can be uploaded to computer