carXray is a car inspection system using Xray technology. In view of the increasing threats, inspection at entrances is becoming more challenging and demanding. Advance vehicle X-ray scanner is becoming essential at vehicle inspection points. carXray provides the internal view of the vehicle which will reveal any hidden weapons, explosive, contraband and stowaway.

Thorough physical search of vehicles can take anything up to a few hours. Using X ray technology, this is done within seconds. In dual energy mode, the system is able to discriminate between organic and inorganic material. This further enhance the accuracy and speed of the inspection process.

This vehicle inspection system is designed to scan from moving cars to a van, the carXray is able to provide a high throughput rate of 15 seconds per car. This will greatly speed up the complete inspection process especially during peak hours. The carXray is designed using a low energy source to ensure effective penetration and yet complying with the international safety standard.

The carXray can be used independently or to be integrated with our Digital Colour UVSS as an enhanced solution.


Features & Capabilities

  • Scan moving vehicles
  • High resolution images
  • High throughput
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Integration¬†with HomeLand UVSS

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