Door Module Dual Reader Interface

The ADD5100, ADD5110, ADD5160 and ADD5190 act as an interface between card readers and the advanced central controller (AC5100, AC5102 or AC5200). Each of them can support up to two card readers. When a cardholder presents an access card at an entry or exit reader the dual reader interface interprets the encoded information
and sends this data to the controller. The controller then checks the validity of the cardholder‚ and if the appropriate permissions have been assigned‚ the controller sends a message back to the dual reader interface allowing it to unlock the door and provide passage. A dual reader interface can also report the status of the door (locked or unlocked) at any time.

  • Supports all popular reader technologies
  • Supports all readers with SiPass reader protocol
  • Support for an entry reader and an exit reader
  • Auxiliary 12VDC power source
  • Lock / door strike output (relay driven)
  • Request-to-exit input
  • Door contact input
  • Three auxiliary inputs
  • Auxiliary output (relay driven)
  • Selectable supervision of input wires
  • Communications status LED
  • Activity status LED
  • Power status LED
  • Host system compatibility for configuration download via ACC

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