Boon Edam Circlelock Solo – Mantrap Portal

Mantrap Security Doors and Portals.

High security entrances offering the best prevention. When security is critical, high security revolving doors and portals have been proven to prevent intrusion. Although security doors and portals differ in numerous ways, their commonality lies upon their ability to take pressure off employees by eliminating instances of tailgating or piggybacking. When coupled with biometric and access control devices, security doors and portals work to support regulatory compliance, risk and liability reduction and accurate metrics collection.


Circlelock Solo

The Ultimate Single-entry Mantrap Door

The round, cylindrical compartment features two interlocking, automatic sliding doors. Upon authorisation, the first door opens allowing a user to enter the portal. Integrated sensors confirm the user is alone and if so, a signal is given to the second sliding door to open, completing the passage into the secure area. A secondary biometric system can be used to confirm identity once inside the chamber.

  • Space efficient cylinder compartment with an interlocking door system for accurate tailgating detection
  • Anti-piggybacking system (StereoVision – one or two-way)
  • Working principle supports bi-directional traffic, multi-factor authentication
  • Self-managed – no manned supervision required
  • Steel floor construction facilitating mounting on a computer floor
  • Surface mount supporting cost effective quick installation
  • Onboard user communication system (integrated visual and audio feedback signalling)
  • Seamless integration and feedback with access control systems, biometric devices and building management systems
  • Fail-safe operation as standard, fail-secure optional
  • Support for emergency egress (subject to local regulations)
  • Supervised disabled entry is possible

PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera is an Authorized Distributor Mantrap Portal Boon Edam in Indonesia

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