Master Control Fire Alarm

See FC721.. for technical overview and note the additional / other specifications:
With 24 indicator groups‚ each with one red and one yellow LED.


  • FCA2012-A1 License key (L1)
  • FCA2001-A1 RS232 module (isolated)
  • FCA2002-A1 RS485 module (isolated)
  • FH7201-Z3 Housing (Eco)
  • FH7202-Z3 Housing (Standard)


  • FTO2005-C1 Key switch (Kaba)
  • FTO2006-B1 Key switch (Nordic)
  • Z3B171 Relay module
  • FHA2016-A1 19″ mounting kit
  • FCA2014-A1 Cable kit (Communication)
  • DL3750+ Matrix printer (Extern)
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