Master Control Fire Alarm
  • Multi-language operation menu designed Windows-like for fast and easy
  • Shortcut key (right key) for popping out operation items of equipment/event
  • Large history storage size for up to 10,000 records, first-in-first-out order; all
    events can be recorded during operation period
  • LCD backlight Auto-off mode. When no operation or message to display within
    preset time, LCD backlight will automatically turn off. When there are events /
    operations, LCD will light up automatically to display events and/or interlock
  • 2 channels of programmable input/output (Output: 40mA@24VDC can be programmed
    as general alarm output or general trouble output; Input: dry contact)
  • 1 channel of NAC for audible and visible devices (max. 0.5A @24VDC)
  • 8 channels of interlocking functions for automatic control and manual operations
    of control equipment
  • Efficient group programming according to different usage

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