Metal Contraband Scanner
Device to control the smuggling or the loss of metal objects. 
Mediscan has been developed to lower management costs such as hospitals and laundries. It prevents unintentionally losing surgical instruments or reusable tools, avoiding the waste of having to replace equipment or sometimes expensive objects. In addition to use in hospitals, to detect expensive stainless steel equipment, ache is used for example in laundries to remove objects before causing damage to machinery. User selectable discrimination based on the type of metal that you want to rewrite.

Fast and efficient detection

Losses are simply avoided by passing waste bags in to the Mediscan sensor The screening process is quick and easy. Mediscan alarms indicate the type of metal based on the sensitivity setting that has been set. A microprocessor allows to distinguish and specify the format and type of object to be detected. This allows you to intercept objects like stainless steel or simply ferrous and not detect aluminum bags or other unwanted objects.

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