Night & Day Xtreme

Spesification :

Automatic electromechanical barrier for intensive use for passage from 1.7 to 5.0 m. Dimensions 320 x 280 x h.1110 mm. Self-supporting steel structure Fe360 (S 235 JR) , cataphoresis treated and powder paint coated. IP54. Internal control unit, compatible with TCP/IP and RS485 interfaces. Self-cooled gear reduction in oil bath, ventilated, rod/crank mechanism and slowdown in opening and closing. Operating ambient temperature up to -30°C +60°C. Maximum frequency: 20 000 operations/day for arm length up to 3.0 m, 5 000 operations/day for arm length up to 5.0 m. MCBF: 5 000 000. Electric motor power 230 Vac (±10%), 50-60Hz. Absorbed power 370W. Opening time: from 0.7 to 3 s. Confi gurable obstacle detection (encoder). Spring balance. Manual unlock inside the structure.

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