Ready Stock Walk-through Metal Detector DAHUA ISC-D218


Walk-through Metal Detector

> Two sets of high-brightness red-green LEDs, super bright double-row area indicator lights and independent interactive 18-zone function with 12 detectors
> Count the numbers of passes and alarms respectively
> 72 application scenarios selectable
> Zone sensitivity adjustable from 0 to 399
> Security degree adjustable from 0 to 99
> 50 working frequencies selectable
> Alarm sound volume adjustable from 0 to 99; support mute mode
> 100 alarm tones selectable
> Multiple start-stop modes for IR
> 100 alarm duration levels selectable
> Support using remote control for configuration
> 2 pairs of sensors, and multiple start-stop modes
> High-strength Fire Retardant High-pressure Laminate (HPL) material
> Easy to install and use with modular design

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