Boon Edam Revolving Door

Mantrap Security Doors and Portals.

The High Throughput Flexible Security Revolving Door

This technologically advanced door allows bi-directional traffic, which allows authorised users to enter and leave a building at the same time. Authorisation via a signal from an access solution control system, such as a card reader or biometrics device, sends a signal and on acceptance only – the door will begin to rotate. This high security door is so reliable at preventing tailgating and piggybacking that it does not even require guard supervision – creating a return on investment in a short one to two years.

  • Multi-functional operational modes
  • Supports simultaneous bi-directional traffic
  • Prevents tailgating
  • Optional StereoVision anti-piggybacking system
  • Seamless integration with access control and biometric devices (including facial recognition)

Advanced Resilience:

  • Burglar-Resistance Protection Package (RC3)
  • Bullet-Resistance Protection Package (BR4NS)
  • Onboard user communication system

PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera is an Authorized Distributor for Revolving Door Boon Edam in Indonesia

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