Rising Step (Road Blocker) M R S

Road Blocker  (penghalang jalan) adalah alat yang digunakan sebagai sistem akses untuk memblokir jalan yang dilalui kendaraan untuk tujuan men-sterilkan area dan menjaga keamanan dari ancaman kejahatan. Dapat digunakan pada kantor kedutaan, gedung parlemen, Pelabuhan, militer, kepolisian, bank, bandara dan lainnya. PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera merupakan Distributor Resmi Rising Bollard di Indonesia.


The Rising Step Barriers are designed to prevent unauthorised vehicles from crashing through controlled entry and exit points. Built for fast, reliable and efficient operation, these barriers are capable of withstanding high impact loads and are ideally suited for high security installations such as prisons, security centres, and in government defence facilities. The frame and structure of the Rising Step Barriers is fabricated from heavy gauge steel, fully welded prior to hot dip galvanising, which ensures maximum protection against corrosion. The Rising Step Barrier is operated by 2 parallel high speed hydraulic cylinders. A power pack containing an electric motor-pump assembly and an accumulator is installed adjacent to the barrier in a lockable enclosure. Accessories including traffic signals, safety beams or loop detectors are recommended and may be provided to suit specific applications.

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