SDM4-CTGA. Next-generation Walk-through Metal Detector with very high discrimination and excellent immunity to the external electromagnetic noise. Friendly-user, it does not require special training for its installation. The compact and light design together with the extreme simplicity of assembly makes it ideal for mobile access control gates such as cruise ships, schools and clubs. Developed to permit the highest traffic flow rates without jeopardising control, the SDM4-CTGA Walk-through Metal Detector is ideal for security professionals all over the world.


  • Shockproof thermo-moulded ABS case (IP20).
  • Automatic Feeder with input voltage 100-240Vac / 50-60Hz, 30W.
  • Sampling Frequency 5 kHz.
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C.
  • Non condensed relative humidity 0 – 95%.
  • Access to the front panel protected by mechanical lock and password on two levels (user – Super User).
  • Programming via keypad.
  • Direct selection of international safety standards by the programming menu.
  • Storage parameters via solid state memory.
  • Incorporated RS232 serial interface board.


  • The MEG material 4 mm is not subject either to flaking or delamination of the decorative surface. MEG is not hazardous to the health and is non-polluting to the environment. It is composed of 70% by cellulose fibers and of 30% by thermosetting resins; it does not contain asbestos and is free from heavy materials. No emission of gases, vapors, solvents or liquids.
  • Waterproof base for fastening on the floor.
  • Modular design for easy and quick assembly.


  • Automatic synchronization between two or more metal detectors (with no connecting cables).
  • Detection of ferrous, non-ferrous, magnetic, non-magnetic items and of objects made of mixed alloys.
  • Uniformity of detection throughout the internal volume of the passage.
  • Excellent discrimination between personal items and weapons.
  • High immunity to mechanical interference and electromagnetic noise (X-ray systems monitors, CCTV horizontal synchronization, etc.).
  • Visual indication proportional to the mass of metal detected (under and above the threshold).
  • General external background noise measurement proportional to the threshold set.
  • External electromagnetic noise measurement proportional to the threshold set.
  • It requires no initial or periodic calibration.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity level.
  • Adjustable Amplification levels.
  • Manual frequency searching values.
  • Targeted programs, favoring the most diverse installation requirements.
  • Filters inserting by programming.


  • Visual alarm through Red LED and LCD.
  • Audible alarm adjustable in duration, frequency and tone.
  • Visual indicator of alarm status and operating status.
  • Visual indicator for Battery feed.


  • Metal samples test (OTP). Designed according to the standards FAA 3.
  • Remote signaling unit.
  • Wheel mobility kit.


  • Harmless to magnetic supports (floppy disk, tapes, credit cards, etc).
  • Complies with Regulations relating to human exposure to electromagnetic fields and safety for pacemaker users.
  • In compliance with NILECJ-0601.02 standards all levels.
  • In compliance with “3 GUN TEST” FAA standards.
  • In compliance with CE standards.
  • ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures.


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