SDM4-TH. Next-generation Walk-through Metal Detector with very high discrimination and excellent immunity to the external electromagnetic noise. Friendly-user, it does not require special training for its installation. Modular design for easy and quick assembly. Developed to permit the highest traffic flow rates without jeopardising control, the SDM4-TH Walk-through Metal Detector is ideal for security professionals all over the world.



  • Shockproof thermo-moulded ABS case (IP20).
  • Automatic Feeder with input voltage 100-240Vac / 50-60Hz, 30W.
  • Sampling Frequency 5 kHz.
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C.
  • Non condensed relative humidity 0 – 95%.
  • Access to the front panel protected by mechanical lock and password on two levels (user – Super User).
  • Programming via keypad.
  • Direct selection of international safety standards by the programming menu.
  • Storage parameters via solid state memory.
  • Incorporated RS232 serial interface board.


  • The MEG material 4 mm is not subject either to flaking or delamination of the decorative surface. MEG is not hazardous to the health and is non-polluting to the environment. It is composed of 70% by cellulose fibers and of 30% by thermosetting resins; it does not contain asbestos and is free from heavy materials. No emission of gases, vapors, solvents or liquids.
  • Waterproof base for fastening on the floor.
  • Modular design for easy and quick assembly.


  • Automatic synchronization between two or more metal detectors (with no connecting cables).
  • Detection of ferrous, non-ferrous, magnetic, non-magnetic items and of objects made of mixed alloys.
  • Uniformity of detection throughout the internal volume of the passage.
  • Excellent discrimination between personal items and weapons.
  • High immunity to mechanical interference and electromagnetic noise (X-ray systems monitors, CCTV horizontal synchronization, etc.).
  • Visual indication proportional to the mass of metal detected (under and above the threshold).
  • General external background noise measurement proportional to the threshold set.
  • External electromagnetic noise measurement proportional to the threshold set.
  • It requires no initial or periodic calibration.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity level.
  • Adjustable Amplification levels.
  • Manual frequency searching values.
  • Targeted programs, favoring the most diverse installation requirements.
  • Filters inserting by programming.


  • Visual alarm through Red LED and LCD.
  • Audible alarm adjustable in duration, frequency and tone.
  • Visual indicator of alarm status and operating status.
  • Visual indicator for Battery feed.


  • Metal samples test (OTP). Designed according to the standards FAA 3.
  • Infrared sensors for step counter.
  • Remote signaling unit.
  • Wheel mobility kit.


  • Harmless to magnetic supports (floppy disk, tapes, credit cards, etc).
  • Complies with Regulations relating to human exposure to electromagnetic fields and safety for pacemaker users.
  • In compliance with NILECJ-0601.02 standards all levels.
  • In compliance with “3 GUN TEST” FAA standards.
  • In compliance with CE standards.
  • ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures.

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