The Automatic / Manual Original Revolving Door.


  • Three or Four-wing Configuration
  • Original Moderate Throughput Door
  • Easy to fine-tune to the most inspirational designs
  • Automatic or Manual Operation

The Tourniket was the first revolving door we manufactured; created in 1903, the Tourniket was originally constructed mainly from timber and had to be operated manually. Since then its construction and the technology within have evolved into a sophisticated and intelligent revolving door. This automatic or manual revolving door is still at the basis of many of the special projects we are involved in as it is an incredibly versatile entry solution. Its engineering quality has been proven again and again in many different buildings and projects.


Putting Priority on Safety and Security

Security in an entry has two different aspects: the security of the building and the safety of its users. The Tourniket complies with the strictest safety regulations.

Safety Sensors in the door wings and in the frame ensure that the door responds to users and objects, minimising, or even preventing, impact with the user. The door behaviour can be customised to suit your building’s requirements. Such requirements could be based on your priority for safety or throughput taking into account various user groups ranging from professionally trained users to locations where people with special needs form a large part of the user profile such as children and elderly people.

We offer the following additional safety measures:

  • Accessibility buttons
  • Visual signage on the door wings and curved walls to ensure the accessibility of our doors for all user groups.
  • CE plus package

The front entrance to a public building, such as a hotel, office building, condominium, or municipal building should also include security options. Whether there is an unwanted guest immediately outside the door, or the facility manager is locking up for the night, revolving door security options allow for an added layer of protection.

We offer the following additional security measures:

  • RC3 Burglar protection package
  • Automated or manual locking options
  • External or internal night-locking doors
  • Security lockdown
  • Remote locking
  • Access control options
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