Under Vehicle Surveillance System UVSS

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

With its innovative technology, the system supports fast and easy detection of dangerous objects as, for instance, weapons and explosives, drugs and contraband as well as safety or quality defects (e.g. rust). In contrast to conventional vehicle underside control methods, like hand-held mirrors or inspection wells, SecuScan® facilitates reliable safety inspections without slowing down the flow of traffic at the access point.

  • for flexible safety controls at changing inspection sites
  • fast assembly and disassembly as well as uncomplicated transport
  • for all vehicle weight classes and track widths
  • available with light aluminum ramps or with very robust rubber pads

Range of Application

The permanent SecuScan® system offers a wide field of applications:

  • protection of governmental buildings, airports, military institutions, embassies, nuclear power plants, penitentiaries as well as other high-profile installations
  • border controls
  • parking garage access controls

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