Video UVSS

Video UVSS

The HomeLand Video UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is a simplified surveillance system to perform the vehicle undercarriage inspection. The system is designed to monitor and record real time video. Playback of captured video for future reference is possible. High resolution video provides clear live video of the vehicle’s underside in detecting attached packages, explosives and other objects.

Video UVSS Screening Unit consists of 2 to 4 high resolution video cameras, with infra-red illumination units protected inside an inspection ramp.

The Power and Interface Unit is a junction for all the cables and power supply.

The Operating Unit is presented with real time vehicle undercarriage video providing the user to view 2 to 4 video clips of the vehicle undercarriage through the LCD screen.

Securing images are processed by the PC which is capable of recording 2 to 4 channels simultaneously.


Features & Capabilities

  • 2 to 4 high-resolution, weatherproof & colour video cameras
  • Displaying real time videos
  • Videos records can be retrieved and archived into a database, CDs or DVDs
  • Date and time stamping ensuring easy retrieval of the record

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