Swing Gates

Technical Parameter:
Outline Dimension: L1200mm*280mm*1000mm (1400mm Optional) Vertical Box L420mm*330mm*1000
Material: SU304 Stainless Steel Technology: Light Wire Drawing Type
Material Thickness: 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm Optional
Transmission Mode: Standard Drive (Common People) / Anti Collision Drive: Suitable For Bicycles, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles.
Channel Width: Single 600mm-900mm
Way: One-Way / Two-Way
Control Software: Access Control System / Electronic Ticketing System / Consumer System, Etc.
Read / Write Mode: ID Card / IC Card / ID Card / Fingerprint Face Recognition / Bar Code Platform / Static Test Instrument
Working Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (Recommended Frame Pergola)
Power Supply: AC200V/AV110V (Optional) 50HZ
Working Environment Temperature: -65 C -15 C
Relative Humidity: Less Than 95%, No Condensation
Pass Speed: 40/ Minutes
Input Interface: Relay Signal
Normal Service Life: 3 Million Times No Fault
Communication Interface: RS485/TCPIP
Scalable: Counting Function, Voice Alarm Function, Video Capture Function.

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